Jordan Alexis Photography is so excited to travel and get some great digital media for you! Please read the following contract, make sure all is in order, and sign at the bottom!


1) AGREEMENT - This agreement between the undersigned photographer (hereafter “Photographer”) and the undersigned client, (hereafter “Client") governs the assignment described in the accompanying cost estimate, and along with these Terms & Conditions, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning that assignment.

2) ESTIMATES - The fees quoted by the Photographer are for the original job description as presented by the Client. Any subsequent changes, whether made orally or in writing, may result in additional charges. Presented expenses are estimates. Actual expenses, which may be greater or less, will be invoiced.

3) DEFINITIONS - “Publicity” use is when the Client submits photographs to an outside publication (whether print or electronic) for editorial use and the Client (or their client) is not paying for that use. “Advertising” use is when the Client (or their client) is paying for the placement of a photograph in whatever media it appears, such as in a newspaper, magazine, billboard, or website. “Internal Collateral” use is when the photographs appear in a publication that the Client produces, such as a magazine, brochure, pamphlet, poster or web site, and whose audience is limited to the Client’s employees. “External Collateral” use is when the photographs appear in a publication the Client produces, such as an annual report, magazine, brochure or web site, and whose audience is customers, shareholders, or the general public.

4) PAYMENT TERMS - Client shall make payment within 30 days of invoice. Late payments will be billed a $20.00/month handling fee and 1.5%/month interest, unless communicated to said photographer before or at the time of the signing of this agreement. If estimated expenses exceed $1,000.00, the client will pay in advance of the shoot. Please make checks payable to Jordan Wise.

5) IMAGES AND COPYRIGHTS - Photographs/images produced by Jordan Alexis Photography are protected by Copyright Law (all rights reserved). Upon final payment by clients, clients are allowed to display resulting images for personal and commercial use. Said images may not be altered or reproduced in any manner without prior written permission of Jordan Alexis Photography. Clients will receive a high resolution Digital Delivery with printing rights. Clients must obtain written permission from Jordan Alexis Photography prior to the clients, their associates, friends or relatives selling the photographs. 

6) ADDITIONAL USAGE - If Client wishes to make any additional uses or modifications of the photographs not covered in the initial agreement, Client shall obtain written permission from the Photographer and pay an additional fee to be agreed upon.

7) CANCELLATIONS OR POSTPONEMENTS - In the event of a cancellation or postponement of a shoot by the Client or photo subject, Client shall pay all expenses incurred by the Photographer up to the time of cancellation, plus a fee to be agreed upon. If a shoot is canceled within 24 hours of departure for the shoot, Client shall also pay 50% of the anticipated photographic fee and 100% of the anticipated fees of any subcontractors booked for the job.

8) CLIENT REPRESENTATION AND MODEL RELEASE - Client is responsible for the presence of an authorized representative at the shoot to approve Photographer’s interpretation of the assignment. If Client representative is not present, the Photographer’s interpretation shall be deemed acceptable. The Client hereby grants to Jordan Alexis Photography and all associates, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the clients or in which the clients may be included, for editorial, trade, advertising or any other purpose and in any manner or medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same. The clients hereby release Jordan Alexis Photography and all associates representatives and assigns from any and all claims, actions, demands, suits, liabilities, damages, expenses, and obligations of any kind arising from, or related in any manner to Jordan Alexis Photography's use of said images. Said images will be used only after Client has had sufficient time (2 weeks unless specified) to promote images.

9) INDEMNIFICATION - Client hereby indemnifies and holds Photographer harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from Client's use of Photographer's work. The Photographer also indemnifies and holds Client harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from Photographer’s negligence.

10) AUTHORSHIP CREDIT - A credit in the name of Jordan Wise shall accompany his/her photos whenever practical with attached link of When publishing the photos socially or commercially via Social Media Channels, @jordanaphoto must be noted as the photographer. This is all depending on agreed Usage and Licensing Agreements made between Jordan Alexis Photography and Client.

11) TEAR SHEETS - Client will provide Photographer with a printed copy and/or link of any publication his/her photos appear in.

12) TRAVEL EXPENSES - A travel fee for transportation expenses to and from the shoot location, and overnight accomodations is the responsibility of the CLIENT if the location is more than 50 miles from Jordan Alexis Photography. By signing this legal form, The Client is agreeing to reimburse Jordan Alexis Photography within 30 days from arrival day for REASONABLE travel expenses including but not limited to airplane or train tickets in basic coach class, rental car fees, and parking fees. The Client is responsible for booking Lodging for Jordan Alexis Photography from the first day of arrival to the location to the last day of shoot. Said Lodging needs to be in a good location where Jordan Wise can travel to and from during the day/night alone.

13) RETOUCHING – Post-processing of photos include basic cleanup (color correction, toning, removal of simple blemishes) in the file charge. Any additional retouching requested by the Client will be billed at 150.00 per hour.

14) EXPIRATION – Photography estimates are valid for 90 days from the signing of this agreement unless otherwise negotiated by both parties.

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